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I am Antoni Kozelski – an AI Entrepreneur. I am a founder of an AI development company and venture builder. In my Land, I help to leverage Artificial Intelligence to boost company’s growth for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. I build in public and document my extraordinary entrepreneurship journey and life.

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Entrepreneurship journey

Last decade, I started my entrepreneurial journey from the bottom without a tech and business background at all with $500 in my pocket. Now I am a serial entrepreneur growing 200%+ revenue year over year with millions in revenue. 

AI development company

Vstorm.co is an AI & web app development company with remote-first culture. It’s fully profitable from day one, without investors, no debts, or credits. The growth YoY in 2021 and 2022 were 200%+ each year in a row with millions in revenue. At Vstorm I work globally, with startups, SMEs, and Enterprises from the USA, Europe and the UK among them startups featured in Financial Times, Forbes, Tech Crunch, Wired, Business Insider, and The New York Times.

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Venture Builder

As a Venture Builder founding partner, I invest my knowledge, experience, and tech synergy of Vstorm to help co-create and scale early-stage startups. I engage as a strategic advisor and partner and get a small portion of the equity in exchange as well as found startups from the ground up by myself. The portfolio includes startups related to Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, PropTech, MarTech, and B2B services.

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ai productivity guide

Boost productivity and growth with AI.

A practical guide for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with detailed guidelines, techniques, and use cases on how to boost your productivity, decrease working time, and fully utilize AI’s potential.

In this course, I’ll present my experiences, my best practices, and my knowledge as a CEO, who uses AI in his everyday work. It’s a starting point for anyone interested in AI, whether you’re new or experienced. My hope is that you’ll find it useful. The structure of the curse is based on  McKinsey framework “Excellent CEO Mindset”.

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Personal Energy OS

Along my entrepreneurial journey, I understood how important to manage your Personal Energy. 3 years ago I developed this framework for myself to help me to identify my peak performance while staying balanced in my entire private life, spend time how I want, traveling over the world, having great relationships with my friends and family, creating music, but also get extraordinary entrepreneur’s results. Now, I decided to share it with everyone, who is looking to get extraordinary results while enjoying living their best-designed life.

I am happy to share it with you and I hope I can positively change the lives of thousands of people in the future.

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AI Hub Discord community

Launching News

I’m thrilled to invite you to join my Discord community, the AI Hub! It’s a space where I’m eager to share my experiences, learnings, and passion for AI and its boundless potentials.

🔍 A Bit About Me:
I’ve dedicated my career to exploring and innovating in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, seeking to blend technology and creativity to solve complex problems and drive progress. With Vstorm, I’ve had the privilege to lead a team of like-minded individuals in realizing impactful AI solutions across various sectors.

🌿 Upcoming Courses:

  • Personal Energy OS
  • AI Productivity

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