The world's #1 practical course for personal energy management

The world’s first practical course for personal energy management that will help you identify the conditions that lead to peak performance by managing your personal energy.

It is a comprehensive guide that provides you with a clear understanding of how to optimize your energy levels so that you can perform at your best in every aspect of your life. Whether you are a digital nomad, a startup founder, an athlete, a business executive, or a stay-at-home parent, this course will help you unlock your full potential.

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Why I created this course?

As a serial digital entrepreneur, I was constantly seeking for peak performance to effectively and fast build startups and new ventures. I did not find any reliable practical course or guide, which will provide me with complex information – related to my professional part and also my personal one. I wanted to stay happy and enjoy my journey, not just work long hours and spend my whole life on it. I decided to do it on my own and create a practical framework that will help me to identify my peak performance while staying balanced in my entire private life, spend time how I want, traveling over the world, having great relationships with my friends and family, create music, but also get extraordinary entrepreneur’s results. At first look, it was impossible to find this kind of balance. I know a lot of people who are focusing only on one certain part – their work/startups or family and they have a problem with other spheres, they are not balanced.

I spent more than 300 hours on research, start to structurize all my knowledge, read tons of materials (books, articles, scientific research, etc.), watched/listen to tons of materials, spoke with a lot of experts from different domains, tested many techniques on myself and after 2 years of day-to-day practicing with this guide on myself I finally finished this framework.

During building this framework I shared my knowledge with my friends, colleagues and give them personal consultations, and presented my framework, I always got very positive feedback. As I am more from the startup sphere, I shared it with my friends – startup founders with a valuation of $40m+, country top managers, etc. and I was shocked at how impactful was that to them.

So, I decided to structurize it even more and make it accessible for everyone. So I am happy to share it with you and I hope I can positively change the lives of thousands of people in the future.

What's inside?

Identify your peak performance

✅ Complete guide
✅ Balance all spheres in life
✅ Become aware
✅ Find your drainers and givers

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Identify your energy level

✅ Learn energy types

✅ Learn energy levels

✅ Be aware of your current level

✅ Follow plan how to improve it

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Get list of rituals and habits

✅ Practical guide

✅ Detailed list of rituals

✅ All you need in one place

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Follow detailed plan to increase energy

✅ Ready made framework to use

✅ Insanely detailed guide

✅ Scientific proven arguments

✅ Plug and use it

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The Full Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

Gain a foundational understanding of energy management, its benefits, and how it works.

Module 2: Energy evaluation

Test for you to understand what level currently you are and identify your pain points to work on it

Module 3: Physical energy

Learn what is physical energy, identify what are energy levels, learn energy drainers and rituals which help you to restore your physical energy

Module 4: Emotional energy

Learn what is emotional energy, identify what are energy levels, learn energy drainers and rituals which help you to restore your emotional energy

Module 5: Mental energy

Learn what is mental energy, identify what are energy levels, learn energy drainers and rituals which help you to restore your mental energy

Module 6: Spiritual energy

Learn what is spiritual energy, identify what are energy levels, learn energy drainers and rituals which help you to restore your spiritual energy

Module 7: Energy management principles

Learn techniques and approach how to manage your energy: reduce energy drainers, effectively use your current energy and restore it.

Module 8: Your ideal day

A very detailed structure of your day with rituals integrated there as a foundation to start your new life mode.


Frequently asked questions

  • With an open mind
  • Who wants to learn practical strategies for optimizing their energy levels and achieving their goals.
  • Any employment type: startup founders; freelancers; digital nomads; corporate employees, athletes, business owners, top and middle management, administration employees, students, waiters or a stay-at-home parent

If you want to save hundreds of hours on research, hundreds of dollars on consultations with experts/coaches/psychologists, save hundreds of hours on reading materials (books, articles, scientific research, etc.), and save 2 years of practicing by yourself – it’s definitely worth its price. I personally tested it on myself, I did consultations with experts, and coaches, read books, make 300+ hours of research and share it with you at just as small a price as you can see.

  1. Lifetime access and lifetime updates
  2. A practical guide (framework) on how to improve your energy management
  3. Ready-made list of rituals and energy drainers
  4. Understanding at what level of energy currently you are

Antoni Kozelski – I am a serial digital entrepreneur building in public, in my daily life I build tech startups as a Venture Builder ( founding partner and manage a tech company ( I am co-creating 7 startups as a strategic advisor, partner, investor, or founder. Recently, I started to write on social media about strategy, tech & personal energy.

  1. 44+ energy drainers
  2. 70+ rituals that restore energy
  3. No fluff or filler, only “the meat”
  4. Practical course with more than 70+ pages
  5. Intuitive Notion template
  6. Include exercises to work on
  7. Evaluation tests to identify at which level you are

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