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0. Introduction
1. Understanding Key Generative AI Technologies
2. Practical Aspects of Generative AI: Platforms, Fine-Tuning, and More
3. Can AI really do HR's job? Here's how we're shaking up recruitment and talent management.
4. Product Development and Innovation with Generative AI Ideation and Concept Generation
5. Generative AI in Programming. From Copilot, Code Whisperer to Code Interpreter
6. User first. AI-Enhanced Marketing and User Experience
7. Let’s make Sales
8. Leveraging Generative AI for Investor Relations and Fundraising
9. Navigating Risks and Ensuring Data Security and Compliance in Generative AI
10. Can AI Save You Cash and Supercharge Operations? You Bet
11. Putting Generative AI to Work for Your Startup with a Venture Builder Company
12. Additional Materials- Your Go-To Resources for Generative AI
13. Foreword


0.1 Let’s dive in

Hello there

We’ve seen many entrepreneurs with amazing ideas struggle when it comes to leveraging the power of AI in their ventures. With AI evolving rapidly, it’s essential for startups to understand and harness its potential in order to stay competitive and innovative.

That’s where this ebook comes in. We’ve created this guide to help you understand, implement, and make the most of generative AI in your startup. Our goal is to provide you with practical advice, real-life examples, and a step-by-step approach to incorporating generative AI into your business operations.

This ebook is not just a theoretical exploration of AI concepts, but a hands-on, actionable guide that you can use to drive growth and innovation in your startup. We’ll share our experiences as startup mentors and founders, sprinkling in personal anecdotes and observations to keep things engaging and relatable.

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur looking to explore AI opportunities or a seasoned startup veteran aiming to push the boundaries of technology, this ebook is for you.

So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and let’s dive in!

Antoni Kozelski & Piotr Krzysztofik

0.2 About the Authors

Antoni Kozelski
CEO & Co-founder  |

Antoni Kozelski, CEO and Co-founder of Vstorm, is a tech entrepreneur, business angel, and strategic advisor with a keen interest in AI-driven innovations. Antoni’s passion for startups has led him to participate in various ventures worldwide, particularly in Western Europe, CEE, and the USA.

Since 2017, Antoni has been managing Vstorm, focusing on AI-based projects that have made a positive impact on people globally. His experience in scaling businesses showcases his expertise in integrating AI for entrepreneurial success.

Alongside Vstorm, Antoni founded Evryface, a startup using Generative AI to generate realistic photos from existing ones. He also co-founded InterioAI, which employs Gen-AI for creating interior architecture visualizations. 

As an investor and advisor, Antoni shares his AI expertise with other entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the world of AI-driven innovation and achieve success. Antoni is also an Investor and Board Member at Cuxio and a Strategic Partner at Aurero and Xchanger. His expertise in the startup industry has made him a sought-after advisor and mentor, and he is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

Piotr Krzysztofik
Chairman & Co-founder  |

Piotr Krzysztofik is the Chairman and Co-founder at Vstorm, a business angel, founder, and strategic advisor with over 22 years of experience in managing large, international IT organizations with over $100M budgets and in strategic business initiatives such as the growth of Siemens, Atos, and Global Logic. He held various leadership positions on the level of VP, CEO, Country Head, and Advisory Board member in Poland, Croatia, and Slovakia.

In 2021, Piotr focused on his activities as an entrepreneur, founder, investor, and business advisor, bringing his extensive knowledge and expertise to various startups. He is involved in Ventures21 as a Founding Partner, InterioAI as a Strategic Advisor and Partner, Evryface as a Founder and Investor, Cuxio as an Investor and Board Member, Aurero as a Strategic Partner, and Xchanger as a Strategic and Tech Partner.

0.3 What we are proud of

Projects we are involved in:

  • Vstorm

Vstorm specializes in Python web development with a strong emphasis on Generative AI. Their mission revolves around providing support to startups and SMBs in their growth journey through strategic and technological partnerships. Their comprehensive range of services includes MVP development, redesign and reverse engineering, data solutions, and AI-driven solutions, encompassing prompt engineering, fine-tuning, and Stable Diffusion (text-to-image) GPT-4 customization.

Vstorm’s impressive track record includes serving 45+ clients across 9 countries, achieving a remarkable 220% growth last year. Three-fourths of their clients have become long-term partners, while their recognition as a top Python developer in Poland attests to their industry-leading expertise.

  • Ventures21

Ventures21 is a venture strategy and tech builder that specializes in supporting startups and businesses in their growth journey. With a focus on generative AI and a multidisciplinary skill set, Ventures21 invests its knowledge, experience, ideas, and infrastructure to assist entrepreneurs in creating and implementing innovative technologies. Their strategic approach and technical expertise enable them to help startups scale and achieve their full potential in the competitive market.

  • Evryface

Evryface is a startup powered by generative AI that aims to simplify the process of creating professional photos, avatars, and headshots. In collaboration with Vstorm, the startup has developed a user-friendly platform that allows users to effortlessly upload their photos and generate high-quality images. Prioritizing user safety and data protection, the platform ensures a secure and reliable experience.

Vstorm’s strategic guidance has been instrumental in assisting the startup with market research, business strategy development, and identifying growth opportunities and potential partnerships. Together, they are working towards the long-term success and profitability of Evryface.

  • An AI-powered solution for professional interior design 

A startup focused on AI-powered interior design collaborated with Vstorm, a strategic advisory and technology development company. Together, they created an innovative interior design assistant that uses AI to provide personalized recommendations. Vstorm provided expertise in AI and design, helping the startup develop a sophisticated AI engine. The engine analyzes user preferences and suggests tailored recommendations for furniture, decor, and color schemes. 

Vstorm also provided strategic guidance, helping the startup identify growth opportunities and potential partnerships.