Remote Testing Resources for Viessmann R&D Center

Driving energy potential forward with the help of Vstorm’s Quality Assurance Specialists

What does Viessmann do?

Heating, cooling, ventilating: Viessmann ensures an optimum climate and develops intelligent and sustainable energy systems and refrigeration solutions for residential buildings, industry, and commerce. As a family business in its fourth generation, they think long-term. Its mission is to create living spaces for future generations. Over 13,000 Viessmann family members share this goal in 74 countries.

Heating technology is changing in a big way, and Viessmann is a big part of shaping and speeding up this change by putting a lot of emphasis on creative talent. Through its research and development centers, Viessmann has established a foundation for future innovations. Smart homes and big data are two of the topics that developers are interested in; by analyzing user and building data, they are advancing energy efficiency.

How did Vstorm co-operate with Viessmann?

Viessman’s main goal was to hire remote testers to augment their in-house R&D quality assurance team. They needed to add experienced testers who could do full-cycle testing and turn test cases into a complete support solution to make the team stronger.
Vstorm provided Viessmann with a good-fit pool of quality assurance specialists to fill the position. It was possible thanks to the fact that Vstorm’s recruitment processes are based on the perfect match principle—matching adequate candidates to the project, not the other way around. We provide data-driven recruitment, a rigorous vetting process, and an author’s methodology supported by a set of digital semi-automated tools.


We get qualified candidates from Vstorm. Profiles of candidates we got from Vstorm are vetted with soft skills, English and remote efficiency work by their team which saves our team time!

R&D Center Manager, Viessmann


Vstorm delivers two Specialists and we still propose the following Candidates, to extend the Cooperation for the following roles. Viessmann values the fast responsiveness and flexibility of our team. According to the perfect match principle, we hire people who bring value to the Customer’s project daily. In Vstorm, we do profound research, background checks, and tests of soft skills, and English, and we screen for the ability to work remotely. It is time-saving and thus cost-efficient for the Viessmann recruitment team. Our team also takes care of retention, thus reducing the Customer’s costs. We believe in building strong, long-term relationships.

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