Data management in service to the revolutionary non-invasive glucose measuring device.

Innovation in medical healthcare and the fight against diabetes.

What does GlucoActive do?

Glucoactive is a Research and Development start-up, featured on TechCrunch with an estimated worth of above 6 million euros that is working on a revolutionary medical care product that will change the way we treat diabetes. The GlucoStation uses laser light waves (optical and spectrophotometric) that can get through the skin and measure blood glucose levels. This is done without hurting the person. Anyone who has ever struggled with diabetes will welcome this new product. 

How does Vstorm cooperate with GlucoActive?

The goal of GlucoActive is to create a complex system in the field of medical technology that uses machine learning and other methods of analysis.  For this high-tech data management system to gather, store, share, and analyze data, it needs powerful software. The objective is to better manage data, facilitate the R&D process (both for the current device and those in the future), including support for data analysis, and maximize the quality of the resulting data. Recruitment off the house is to make the company more flexible, cut down on paperwork, become cost-effective, and never sacrifice quality.

How does GlucoActive work? It measures given parameters, tracking various types of spectrophotometric and sensor data.  In the next step, the algorithms analyze the data and give results to the user. But, to put such a complex system into motion, you obviously need a team of highly skilled specialists.


A glucose-detecting device enters the certification process in 2023. The product is in its final stages, but we can already say that it is an ongoing collaboration with a positive outcome. Flexibility is being kept, formalities are down to a minimum, and research and development are fast-forwarding.

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